AI Updates

ARS is paying close attention to the developments and litigation surrounding artificial intelligence, or AI. We will be updating this page with news about our advocacy and relevant information for our artist community.

ARS co-signs Creators’ Call for Action on AI Copyright Exceptions

ARS joined 20+ organizations such as the Dramatist’s Guild, The National Writer’s Union, and the Songwriter’s Guild of America to co-sign on a letter released July 7, 2023 to appeal for action on violations of the Berne Convention by the application to copying of creative works for AI development of the TDM exception in Articles 3 and 4 of the 2019 EU Directive on Copyright. Read the letter here.

ARS pens letters to lawmakers working on Senator Schumer’s SAFE AI Framework

In advance of the US Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Intellectual Property hearing on July 12, 2023, ARS released letters to three lawmakers working on Senator Schumer’s newly released SAFE Innovation Framework for Artificial Intelligence. The letters to Senators Heinrich, Coons, and Tills advocate for the livelihood for visual artists and suggests strategies, namely extended collective licensing schemes, to tackle the issue of AI. Read the letter here.

ARS and CISAC sign letter on behalf of Global Creators and Performers Demanding Creative Rights in AI Proliferation

As a member of CISAC, Artists Rights Society has signed a letter along with other organizations representing over 6 million artists worldwide to AI policymakers advocating for the livelihoods of artists and the protection of human creativity in the face of AI. Read the letter here.

ARS co-signs Legislative Proposals to Protect the Creative Professions and Mitigate Risk of Harm from Generative AI

Along with a coalition of organizations that represent creative professionals from diverse backgrounds., including book authors, journalists, songwriters, photographers, and other creative professionals, ARS has co-signed a letter proposing legislative strategies to protect workers in the creative economy. Read the proposal here.