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More than thirty years after his death, Andy Warhol remains one of the most influential figures in contemporary art and culture. Warhol’s life and work inspires creative thinkers worldwide thanks to his enduring imagery, his artfully cultivated celebrity, and the ongoing research of dedicated scholars. His impact as an artist is far deeper and greater than his one prescient observation that “In the future, everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” His omnivorous curiosity resulted in an enormous body of work that spanned every available medium and most importantly contributed to the collapse of boundaries between high and low culture.

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Large Campbell's Soup Can 1964

Banana c. 1966

Dance Diagram [2] [Fox Trot: "The Double Twinkle Man"] 1962

Triple Elvis [Three Elvis] [Ferus Type] 1963

Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn) 1967

Images and Artworks ©2020 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Licensed by Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Since its founding in 1987, in accordance with Warhol’s will, The Andy Warhol Foundation has established itself among the leading funders of contemporary art in the United States. The Foundation has distributed over $200,000,000 in cash grants which support the creation, presentation and documentation of contemporary visual arts, particularly work that is experimental, under-recognized or challenging in nature. The Foundation’s ongoing efforts to protect and enhance its founder’s creative legacy ensure that Warhol’s inventive, open-minded spirit will have a profound impact on the visual arts for generations to come. Proceeds the Foundation receives from licensing projects such as this contribute to the Foundation’s endowment from which these grants are distributed.

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