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Artists Rights Society Launches Petition for Covid Artist Support

Artists Rights Society launched a petition calling on the federal government to put $20,000 in the pocket of every working visual artist in the US, in response to the COVID-19 Bailout. Other organizations have started grants for artists, and called for debt cancellation or rent relief, but ARS is the first to call for a federal artist bailout. You can find our full plan detailed in a recent op-ed for The Art Newspaper.

Visual artists are some of the hardest working Americans. Most of them work second jobs to support their passion, and these are exactly the kinds of jobs that are at jeopardy right now. The gig economy already left many many of our artists without health insurance or retirement benefits. Now it threatens to leave them without food.

We ask that you support this effort by signing this petition and sharing among your networks. Every effort counts during this unprecedented time.

Sign our petition today.